Made for Me breast milk starter kit

Made for Me breast milk starter kit

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An excellent solution for coordinating breastfeeding and bottle feeding. This set contains the feeding tools that you may need even in the first days. With the help of the manual breast pump, the baby can enjoy all the benefits of breast milk even if bottle feeding is necessary, and the sterilization box ensures the hygiene of the equipment. Contents of the set:


  • 1 Closerr to Nature manual breast pump
  • 1 sterilizing box, can be used in a microwave oven
  • 3 Closerr to Nature 150 ml baby bottles with slow-flow teats
  • 56 disposable bra pads
  • 5 breast milk containers
  • 4 baby bottle closing lids
  • 2 Anytime colorless play pacifiers 0-6 months


Product features:


Breast pump:

  • Soft silicone funnel for maximum comfort and perfect fit
  • It is quiet, discreet, small and light, so it is also ideal for non-home use
  • It consists of only 3 parts and is easy to assemble and clean
  • Small, comfortable pump arm, the membrane is made of soft silicone, making pumping easier
  • Due to the slender neck, it is easier to hold and operate


Baby bottles:

  • Breast shape, wide arch
  • Anti-colic valve for less air swallowing
  • Super soft silicone pacifier
  • Can only be used with Closerr to Nature baby bottle pacifiers
  • Easy to clean, it can also be washed in the upper basket of the dishwasher
  • Can be sterilized
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